Dubai…where my heart feels @home

Today I would like to talk about one of  the greatest places on earth. I know, that many people will disagree with this statement- but as long as you ask me, Dubai belongs to the list of this places.

I don´t know exacty why – but always when I enter this beautiful metropolis, I feel that I wish to stay there forever.

It´s so clean, so safe, so beautiful, so spectacular. It´s a paradise. It´s a new paradise.

Dubai has everything. There is nothing, what is impossible in Dubai. You´ve the ocean, you´re close to the desert (I really love the desert), but also you´ve so much green space and flowers wherever you look around.

Everything is new, clean and beautiful. But also you´ve an impressing history.

So take a look to the Dubai Museum and get enchanted, by the awesome development of this state. If you visit the background of the „Al-Fahidi Forts“ you can imagine living at the Golf before the 1950s…after this lesson in new history you might wish to go for skiing…no problem! Visit the „Mall of the Emirates“ and have fun in the snow…after that you might relax and have a coffee in „St. Moritz“- coffeeshop!

Dubai Museum

Most time I prefer to be in „Bur Dubai“ in the south-west of the creek, this is the old part of the city. There you´ll find a lot of great „Souks“ to go for cheap shopping- and to enjoy the atmosphere of a bazar.

300 shops just gold-business

But don´t forget to join the beautiful and rich ones …you´ll find them very active in the „Dubai Marina“. There you should have a drink (make friends and don´t drink alcohol, please) and enjoy the show when the young locals present their spectacular cars.

I could continue for hours with advices what to visit, what do look, what to do…I think one week is not enough to explore Dubai. But please- don´t forget to go on „Burj Khalifa“ , you can get there cheaper, if you check in the internet for tickets. I think it´s most beautiful in the night, when it´s dark and you see all the lights of the town.

When I´m standing amidst this impressing scenery, which makes a great visual impact, I can´t believe, that this place is in the same world as Europe- where I´m acutally used to live.

There (in Dubai not in Europe!) I feel immediately at home- and I don´t want to leave anymore….anyway I can ´t expect to go back 🙂 Time is running so slowly, when you´re looking forward to something….

Every women, which are used to walk through German streets- to get annoyed all the time by men- which try to attrac them- all this women will love to walk through Dubai. No one will bother you! I promise. If I walk through the streets in Dubai it´s the only place where I really feel free by all my heart. There is no fear and no bad feeling- just the sense of safety.

There is no danger.






The only danger might be, that you´ll fall in love with the culture and then you don´t want to go back home anymore.

everyone is welcome to visit the mosque during „open doors for open minds“- campaign

I would advice everyone to visit this city- and also the other Emirates-  and to engage with the culture and to try to get in contact with the locals (this is often very diffciult, I know)…but then you´ll better understand the traditions, the lifestyle and you´ll be surprised how nice, lovely and hospitable this people are. You´ll get a chance to overcome many prejudices and you´ll look at this world in a different light for the future.

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So when will be your trip to the Emirates?


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